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 What is Derivative?

A derivative is a financial instrument or a financial contract, whose value is derived from one or more underlying assets. Examples of Underlying assets are commodity, indexes.

Derivatives Classifications:

Derivatives are broadly classified into financial derivatives and commodity derivatives.
In financial derivatives, some examples of underlying assets are stocks, stock indexes, Forex etc.
In Commodity derivatives, some examples of underlying assets are gold, silver, turmeric, wheat etc.

Derivatives Types:

  • Over the Counter
  • Exchange Traded Derivatives

Derivative Contracts Commonly Used:
Forwards, Futures, Options, Warrants, Baskets, and Swaps are the commonly used derivative contracts.

What is Future?
Futures are contracts to buy or sell some commodity at a fixed price on or before fixed date. In the coming sections, we will discuss about commodity exchanges, products traded, commodity brokers and how to book profits.

Financial Instruments Traded in Indian Exchanges

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