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 FAQ - What are the problems that I do face in online trading?

Commodity Broker/Exchange Related:
The following problems are occasional Problems and it will not happen very often.

  • Not able to connect to the trading terminal.
  • Very slow to connect to the trading terminal.
  • Not able to see real time updates; i.e. the price movement of each commodity.
  • Not able to place your trade (buy or sell) due to some technical problems.
  • Delay in execution of trades, due to high volume or system break down.
  • High Upward movement or low downward movement and it will be freezed so that no one can trade in that commodity.
  • You may not get the service that you expected from service representative.
  • Pay in and Pay out delay.

Commodity Tips Related:

  • Typos in Tips: So you will not get the right tip: Instead of buy; they may give sell; Instead of mentioning 18400 as the cost price, they would have mentioned 18,300 as the cost price.
  • With some research firms, follow up, for their calls will not be good.
  • Not sending tips/follow up at the right time.
  • Connectivity problem to their websites or chat room.

Investor Problems:

  • Want to become rich within a short time.
  • Not sure about what they are trading.
  • Not trading with stop loss.
  • Internet Connection or System Failure.
  • Not able to connect to Messenger services.
  • Typos: Instead of placing a sell order, placing buy order.
  • Password Expired: Not able to connect to the trading terminal.
  • Not able to predict the hot commodity, bull or bear market, day wise trend.
  • Forgetting and not squaring off the positions.
  • Some times, you may get tips very late, since your sms connectivity was not good.
  • Insufficient fund and taking risk.

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